Dyana Wells feature

Dyana Wells

DYANA WELLS Dyana Wells completed the Diploma of Creativity with the Learning Connection in Wellington last year. She has also taken courses at the Waikato Society of Arts and exhibits regularly with RaglanArt. She is currently exploring how contrast, colour and shape create interest and meaning. Art is a co-creation and requires a subtle mix…

dr airbrush feature

Dr Airbrush

DR AIRBRUSH Dion Rendle (a.k.a Dr. Airbrush) is an Airbrush Venturi qualified artist. He uses the proven Venturi system which is an Australian national standard for the teaching of commercial airbrushing. He has attended several courses including advanced portraiture, advanced land wildlife & advanced landscapes. Dion has been in the Automotive trade since 2001 and…

Claudia Grutke feature

Claudia Grutke

CLAUDIA GRUTKE Claudia Grutke was born in Germany and migrated to New Zealand after completing a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Hamburg in 1996. She stayed in healthcare for more than 20 years. After moving to Raglan in 2013, Claudia took up painting and began working in the studio to create her abstractions.…

Chris Meek Feature

Chris Meek

CHRIS MEEK A few years after completing an apprenticeship in panel beating, Chris found himself producing products for the design world.  Realising art was his real passion he followed it and has since been involved in numerous group & solo exhibitions throughout NZ.  He works predominately with recycled materials and describes his work as ‘Panel &…

Catherine O’Kelly feature

Catherine O’Kelly

CATHERINE O’KELLY My paintings are intuitive reflections of my inner life   a process that leads me to express spontaneously   my joy and excitement as I follow my creative path. Painting becomes alchemy as colour, lines, movement come together in a symphony of delight, exciting and encouraging me to go further, take the risks and…

Catherine Houston feature

Catherine Houston

CATHERINE HOUSTON I tend to work in a series of paintings, on a particular subject matter that might be influencing me at the time. My inspiration can vary from my coastal views of Raglan, my vast garden and the interaction of structures on the surrounding landscape. My intention is to convey a sense of place…

Brodie Reynolds2

Brodie Reynolds

BRODIE REYNOLDS Brodie Reynolds is a landscape artist who works with fine layers of oil paint to create mystical scenes that display a balance of both restraint and wild impulse. Her approach to painting is strongly connected to her own vision of life, using intuition and small acts of courage to capture magical moments in…

big ceramics feature

Bing Ceramics

BING CERAMICS Sarah Bing is a full time potter and sculptor exploring the limits of handmade ceramic work. Over the past year her work has taken on new directions into custom architectural ceramics, which is allowing her to indulge in her passion for interior design in a deeper way. She supplements this with her standard…

Annick Faubert feature

Annick Faubert

ANNICK FAUBERT Annick is an ethical taxidermy artist, using a range of naturally deceased or discarded animals from hunters or farmers and even road kills in some instances. Annick creates unique art pieces for all kinds of art enthusiasts. 21 Cross Street @annickftaxidermyart  021 103 8551 [email protected]