From simple pen outlines and digital work, to more realistic, detailed illustrations and paintings. Hilary’s design and art career stemmed from her love of illustrating. She knew from a very young age that this is her happy place.  

Hilary runs a successful design business from her home studio in Raglan. She brings a strong creative influence to all of her projects: hand-drawn and digital work go hand-in-hand. This has allowed her to continue refining her craft as she designs, whilst maintaining her passion for decorative artwork alongside her career.  

She welcomes commissioned pieces for homes and office spaces, incorporating colour palettes which complement the space, drawing inspiration from the outdoors, the surrounding landscapes, the ocean, local flora, in harmony with the personalities of her clients.  

Not bound by any convention or style, she continues to experiment with all types of media and techniques, allowing the process to intuitively guide her though her creations.