Tessa has an intriguing painting practice, applying a personal technique into her process, that she has dubbed ‘paint, slice and re-create’. A method she developed while teaching secondary school Visual Arts. Her painting practice involves painting various compositions on board, slicing these paintings up using a bench saw into slats, and then placing these ‘slats’ back into a fragmented, abstract composition.The motive in her work is to present an artwork that leads the eye on a journey across the scene, composing a new vista corresponding to affinities of form, line, angles and depth. The result is a unique, fragmented, yet whole signature piece of artwork.

Tessa has always enjoyed the practice of painting, and the constant experimentation over the years has led to the development of this signature style she has named ‘slat painting’. She is based in Te Mata just 4 minutes off SH23, where she will be exhibiting her work for RAW from a serene gallery space amongst magnificent Kahikatea trees (an inspiration for her work). A variety of work will be available from small ‘slat’ paintings on board, and paper (framed and unframed) to larger statement pieces on board.