Tessa is an abstract mixed media painter exploring ideas of fragmenting realism. She has developed a signature method that she has dubbed  ‘paint, slice and re- create’ where she paints various compositions on board, slices them up using a bench saw into slats, and then places these ‘slats’ back into a fragmented, abstract composition. She pieces the work together using linking lines, depth and flow of shapes, creating a unique piece of fragmented imagery.


Tessa has a background in Graphic Design, and Secondary School Visual Arts teaching, and she believes that the constant exposure to imagery and ideas has inspired her to develop a unique style, with her own personalised approach to composition. She enjoys the practical process of moving the broken pieces around, and then the challenge of piecing it all back together.


She is based in Te Mata just 4 minutes off SH23, where she will be exhibiting her work for RAW from a serene gallery space amongst magnificent Kahikatea trees (an inspiration for her work). A variety of work will be available from small ‘slat’ paintings on board, and paper (framed and unframed) to larger statement pieces on board.