STUDIO O is the creative work of Fleur Rubingh. The work has been created using mixed media; digital illustrations, pencil, acrylics and film photography. The simple things in life drive my creativity, like a moment of joy when we come together and shared experiences. My work is always evolving and ever changing like the seasons of life.

The beauty of nature & empowerment of the female body has greatly influenced my work. The connection between humans and nature deeply inspires me. The oneness and intimacy that comes from truly being connected to yourself, the earth and the universe.

The series shown during arts weekend are ‘Au Naturel’ & a new series. Au Naturel is a series that honours the beauty of nature in Raglan and the female body. The series has been created using film photography and acrylics. Digitally created work will also be available, including the astrology posters.