Annoyed with a comment about his drawing ability from an illustration tutor at AUT Communication Design School, Simon signed up to a life drawing class with Matthew Browne in 2010 to prove to himself – he can draw. It was the final class of term in 2010 when he conceived a charcoal, figurative drawing that surprised not only him but his tutor too. A figure rapidly drawn with two hands that created the beginning of an artist journey away from his design company.
Since then Simon has endeavoured to let go of the outcome to focus on the moment of
expressing figurative, portrait and landscape with vigour and vitality. People often comment on his work being filled with movement, you can see this within his charcoal and oil pieces.
He paints like he draws with expressive mark making. “Sometimes it doesn’t all come
together, but that is fine. You can’t expect great outcomes all the time when working at high intensity”. At RAW 2024, Simon will provide two live installation events in Volcom Lane.