Sarah Bing builds large ceramic sculptures imbued with a sense of frivolity through her bold use of colour and pattern. Generally figurative, these works celebrate simple human bliss; diving into the ocean, raising one’s face to the sun, ice cream dripping down your hand, standing tall – confident in your abilities.

She is of European, Chinese and Māori descent and was born in 1986 in Napier, and currently lives in Whaingaroa-Raglan.

She works with clay to create mostly figurative works – exaggerated in size, as well as a range of homewares, commissions and custom tiles. Her work aims to create community and a sense of welcome and belonging through its humorous sensibilities.

Her work is found in private collections around New Zealand.

Sarah is excited to be currently working on a series of over- and under-sized ceramic humanoid fungi which incorporate light and sound to interact with the viewer for the Boon Street Sculpture festival in Hamilton.