Rodrigo Hill


Rodrigo Hill: Lens-based artist, educator and academic researcher

Rodrigo is an established exhibiting artist both in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. He positions himself as a contemporary photographer/lens-based artist specialised in gallery installations and publications. Rodrigo’s photography practice focuses on people, place and its intrinsic relationships. Explorations of place and its surrounding dynamics have always been the core of Rodrigo’s work. Rodrigo’s creative interests are rooted at the intersection of lens-based approaches and place-making processes in which photography plays the role of representing layered ‘place-imaginaries’. Rodrigo’s photography practice explores the use of imagery to create meanings and understandings of place based on feelings and experiences connected to the landscape.

Rodrigo holds a PhD from the University of Waikato Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. His research explores the multiple possibilities that surround photographic practices and how photography is used as a way to perceive and make place.