Sarah Bing Ceramics

Art Medium: Sculpture

Studio Address: 14a Upper Wainui Road, Raglan 3297
Phone:  022 606 5220
Email: [email protected]

Open for viewing by appointment during the year.
During Raglan Arts Weekend 2019, 20-22 April, opening times are 10am to 3pm.

Sarah Bing – Image supplied

Working from her home studio Sarah Bing’s work celebrates colour, organic form, painstaking decorative technique in a contemporary, unique, joyful and identifiable design. She works in the complimentary fields of functional pottery and fine art ceramics.

Whilst a relative newcomer to ceramics, I have always been an artist and am relishing the myriad opportunities for instantly transforming my ideas into thee dimensional forms that clay provides.  

Coastal conditions can be harsh, winters long and life edged with discomfort, but there is intense beauty in the moods of nature here. My work is both inspired by and juxtaposed against this, and appeals to the contemporary, chic, and timelessly colorful aesthetic of coastal dwelling with artworks that range from tea bowls to large scale garden sculpture.

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