Brodie Reynolds

Art Medium: Painting

Shed 38

Nau Mai Business Park

7 Nau Mai Rd

Phone021 772 733
Email: [email protected]

Closes at 3pm

No viewings during the year.
Raglan Arts Weekend 2020

Brodie Reynolds

 If you are interested in viewing or purchasing Brodie’s art, please contact her directly. Many thanks.

Brodie Reynolds is a Raglan based artist who works predominantly with oil paints to create mystical nature scenes, both real and imagined.

She works with the notion of an ever-changing landscape, and the powerful unveiling of a single moment in time.

The transparent layers in her work, explore a sense of lost and found, sometimes easily identifiable but often mysterious and ethereal.

Layers of hazy mist dance around in the light, creating movement and discovery, and with this comes a sense of anticipation and discovery.

New effects and “happy accidents”, keeps her practise fresh and organic.

“I like to tap into the emotions that arise when we connect, converse, and surrender to the beauty around us. Time stands still, there are unseen forces present, and for a moment, there is a world of infinite possibilities”.




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