Brodie Reynolds

Art Medium: Painting

Studio Address: Unit 38 Nau Mai Business Park, 18 Centrebush Rd SH23, Raglan
Phone021 772 733
Email: [email protected]
Open for viewing by appointment during the year.
During Raglan Arts Weekend 2019, 20-22 April, opening times are 10am to 3pm.

Brodie Reynolds

Brodie Reynolds is a Raglan based artist, who works predominantly with oil paint to create mystical landscapes, both real, and imagined.

She explores the abstract conversations that take place in nature, and the powerful unveiling of a precious moment in time.

As a young student Brodie was accepted into the British Institute of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, where she cultivated a deep learning for classical painting and drawing techniques. She then went on to complete her Visual Arts Diploma at AUT in Auckland, and later attended the Hampstead School of Decorative Arts in London, to learn the delicate methods of tromp l’oeil, frescoes and faux marbling.

Brodie is inspired by the mysteries of the elements, and likes to explore the moment in which they all come together.

“It‘s at that point where I feel there is a world of infinite possibilities..”

She has spent several years sailing and exploring, constantly observing the many ‘majestic voids’ and ‘whispers’ offered by Mother Nature.

“I love the delicate relationship between chaos and stillness. One cannot be felt without the other. The subtle transparent layers in my work give a real sense of movement and often depending on where the light is throughout the day, you can see the landscape changing”

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