Lucy Galbraith is a full time contemporary artist based in Raglan. Working mostly with oil paint, Lucy’s pieces play with nostalgia drawn from growing up in a small town that didn’t seem to know if it was a coastal retreat, retirement village or bogan paradise.

Before moving to Raglan, Lucy exhibited in Wellington and worked on commissions from her home on the Kapiti Coast. She has also worked in Queensland Australia – originals, commissions and murals. Lucy is also known as a pet-portrait artist, illustrator and writer. More recently, Lucy has illustrated a design for Raglan Surf Co that features on t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, and has many pieces on display at local shops and cafes.

The art displayed at RAW is a mixture of realist and semi abstract paintings. Blending fantasy and reality, Lucy’s paintings capture the dull magic of living in a small west coast town in New Zealand.

Using iconography usually associated with what might be considered lower-socio economic or working class themes, the aim is to capture the subject in more of a fine-art sense to provide a new context. In doing this uncomfortable memories also shift as they process in a way that acknowledges the beauty and importance of those moments.

Lucy’s work can be found online at and on Instagram @duckduck.loose. Contact can be made via email [email protected] .