Nanci and John had a forbidden love. Felipe was born. He played on the farm with his grandfather and learned to ride horses at three. At three years old he broke his arm riding a horse. He did theater in his teens and thought he would be a good lawyer, gave up halfway and decided to study Arts. He met a beautiful girl and decided to get married. They moved to Australia in 2009, where he studied Documentary and Direction of Photography at Metroscreen film school. Two were not enough, they decided to become three. Cauê was going to be born in Australia, but they decided to return to Brazil. He was born. In 2011 Felipe participated in the first cinematographic productions, the following year the first advertising productions in video and photography. Now mature, and all three walking well, they decided to change course to a new land, New Zealand. He says he loves photography. Participated in several commercials and advertisements for brands such as FIAT, Spotify, and Mizuno, among others. He also developed a social project with the indigenous people of the South of Brazil, teaching them to photograph. He completed this Master in Arts – Photography at Wintec in 2020. His project “Before My Eyes Close” was awarded the PhotoBook of the Year in 2020 at the MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards) and First Place in APA (Annual Photography Awards) in 2020. One of his artworks is part of the Wallace Gallery Collection in New Zealand.