Élisabeth Denis (b. 1995 in montreal – Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist known for her work in writing, visual art and filmmaking. Her artistic pursuits delve into relational aesthetics, both journalistic and fiction writing, interactive installations, and art with political and social themes.

Her work has garnered recognition in various outlets, including the New Zealand Herald, Waikato Times, Creative Waikato’s social media, WIFT (Women in Film and Television New Zealand), and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine in Australia. In 2023 and 2024, she was selected as an artist in residence at Can Serrat, the oldest international research and production center in Spain. Her 2024 engagements include being invited to the Cuban Book Institute during the 32nd Havana International Book Fair by the Director of International Relations, being an artist in residence at ArtHouse Pani in Mexico, was invited at the Cleaning the House workshop organized by the Marina Abramovic Institute, and participated as a poetry performer at the Hamilton Arts Festival Toi Ora ki Kirikiriroa in New Zealand. Additionally, in September 2024, Élisabeth Denis made history in New Zealand by conducting the country’s first long-duration performance at Studio One in Auckland. This achievement adds to her diverse portfolio and reinforces her reputation as an innovative and dynamic artist.

Her method of work starts with a seed that is present and found in her own life : a concern. Detective-like, she then interrogates people to integrate their story or their thoughts to her work. None of her projects would have been possible and viable without the participation of the public offering themselves in vulnerable and open states of mind.

Raglan Art Exhibition Portrays Everlasting Scars Words Leave On People, New-Zealand Herald, January 2022
A Conceptual Exhibition Of Confessional Art, The Chronicle, February 2022
Intimate Exhibition Of Unmade Beds Explores The Stories Of The Nights Before, Waikato Times, August 2021
Geodynamic Slumbers Exhibition, Raglan Radio Interview, August 2021
Unmade Bed Inspires Intimate Exhibition, The Chronicle, July 2021
One Night Only Aug 7 – Geodynamic Slumbers, Raglan Arts Center, July 2021
Cold-Blooded-Dermatographic-Locutions, Second Open Category, RAFFA 2022
Monachopsis (Cast), Directed By Jeremy Lefebvre, Best Experimental, Best Director, Best Indie Feature Film : Kosice International 2020
Anthropomorphism, Best Documentary, RAFFA 2019