I started painting and selling works 30 years ago whilst raising my children on Great Barrier Island. After moving to the mainland in 2022, I then held solo and joint exhibitions in and around Auckland and Coromandel at various galleries.

Examples of my work can be viewed on my Facebook page ‘Annabel Nesbitt Artworks”. I use mixed media to create the illusion of a third dimension… I also love to hunt my frames as part of the journey of creation finding it “magical” to transform what is deemed “junk” into works of art for appreciation again.

I have been practicing art {it turns out} my whole life. Art has been my ’go to’ for a playground or to find solace. I love exhibiting at “Outside Indis” Raglan as it is down the road from my little beautiful studio and i love relaxed cafe vibe there.
I hope you enjoy this year’s contribution to RAW 2024