Miranda Caird

Art Medium: Painting, Art on Things

Studio Address: 25a Calvert Rd, Whale Bay, Raglan
Phone: 07 825 0367
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.artistjcaird.com
Facebook: JCairdArtist

Not open for viewing during the year.
During Raglan Arts Weekend 2019, 20-22 April, opening times are 10am to 5pm.

Miranda Caird

Miranda Caird

Miranda has been a full time artist for over a decade and her work has been purchased by buyers from around the world. She is interested in events that have shaped the landscape from ancient times, when Zealandia broke away from Gwondana Land, through to the recent events of human habitation. She speaks about past and present in her work, creating striking pieces with a distinctly South Pacific feel.

Pattern and movement are strong elements in Miranda’s work. A variety of brush strokes, are used in both opaque and translucent layers, bringing vibrancy to the work. Clean lines define forms and provide clarity.

As well as contemporary landscape Miranda also dabbles in surf art inspired by her immediate surroundings.

Her key statement about her work is “Painting is more about narrowing down the infinite, than it is about coming up with an idea.”

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