Raglan Arts Weekend 2019

Raglan Arts Weekend is Easter 2019: Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd April

Raglan Preview Exhibition is from Friday 22nd March to Monday 22nd April

Frequently Asked Questions about RAW

What is the Raglan Arts Weekend?

The Raglan Arts Weekend is an Artists’ Open Studio Weekend held since 2009. The guide and event is organised by the Raglan Community Arts Council with the help of artist volunteers. Its aim is to promote Raglan as an arts destination and to raise the profile of participating artists. It is also the launch of the new Raglan Arts Guide, providing a year-round resource for visitors who wish to contact artists throughout the year as well as during the Arts Weekend itself. 

Who is eligible to be part of it?

All artists, in all media who live, work or have a close family link in the Whaingaroa catchment area (so anywhere West of the ‘divvy’ or ‘divide’) – if you’re unsure please contact us to discuss it. 

Do I have to have my own studio to be a part of it?

No. You can host it in your studio, your house or a friend’s home, or you can reserve an area at the Old School Arts Centre, which is the hub of the whole weekend. The charge for a space at the Arts Centre is $45 (incl. GST) per artist for the whole 3 day period. 

How much does it cost for each artist?

Registration fee $150 (incl. GST) per artist. There is a “Get In Quick!” discounted registration fee until 30 October of $139. Then the fee reverts back to $150 until registration closes on the 9 November 2019.

Can we have a listing if we are a Gallery or Collective?

Yes! We have a category listing especially for you. This costs $350 plus. GST and is larger than the individual artists’ listing (business card size), in colour, with your own design and information OR a Studio/Gallery listing of 6 lines max. for $200 plus. GST. Both types of listing will be on the Arts Weekend map. 

How do I register?

Complete and sign the registration form and pay the registration fee of $139 (inc GST) “Get In Quick!” price, or $150 inc. GST standard price. Payment can be made at the Old School Arts Centre Mondays – Fridays (10am–2pm) or online. Payment details are on our online registration form. Our bank details are: Kiwibank 38 9018 0232468 00 or you can use the online credit card registration form. 

What is required of me when I sign up for it?

  • Complete the online Raglan Arts Weekend Registration form.
  • Pay the “Get in Quick!” registration fee of $139 or the standard $150 Registration fee. inc. GST before the closing date of 9th November 2018.
  • Confirm a timeslot as volunteer gallery manager during the exhibition OR pay a $30 koha at time of registration for someone else to cover for you, and for additional volunteers to wo/man the Arts Weekend Exhibition over the Open Studio Weekend.
  • Provide a recent photo of yourself and short bio for the exhibition by 1st November 2018.
  • Agree to submit a recent piece of your artwork, ready to hang or display, for the 4 week Arts Weekend Preview Exhibition.
  • Agree to donate a piece of your art measuring 300mm x 300mm (x 300mm) for inclusion in the Arts Weekend Pre-view Exhibition. All 300 x 300 pieces will be for sale at $200 inc GST with all proceeds going to the Old School Arts Centre ‘Raglan Arts Weekend’ event.
  • Agree to ensure your studio or booth at the Old School is open and manned during the publicised times, so visitors do not make a wasted trip to your studio space.
  • Provide a reasonable amount of work for sale during the Open Studio Weekend, including new work.
  • Help market our/your event using your own networks.

I need more info about the preview exhibition

  • Please see the Exhibition FAQ. 

What does my $150 pay for?

  • You will be part of Raglan’s annual premiere arts event, which is now a firm booking in the national arts calendar.
  • A listing in the new Raglan Arts Guide – a year-round resource for all visitors to Raglan – with your address, contact details, art medium and website.
  • A listing on this web site with contact details, art medium and links to your own web site or social media pages.
  • Your studio will also be marked on the enclosed map, making it easy for visitors to plan their trip.
  • Your artwork will also be promoted via the group exhibition for 4 weeks prior to the event to Raglan visitors and will be marketed extensively online and in main arts / national newspapers. 

What happens if I have to pull out of the event due to an emergency or unforeseen problem?

If this is prior to our brochures going to print we may be able to remove your details from it, if the layout is easily changed. If we are able to do this we can refund your entry fee, less 60% to cover admin and graphic designer costs. If this occurs after the brochure has gone to print we are unable to remove your details or to refund you. Please contact the RAW co-ordinator, Nicky, if there is an unexpected emergency and you are not available to participate as soon as possible to discuss options.

Still unsure if this is right for you?

Please feel free to contact Nicky, the RAW co-ordinator, to talk it through with you.

Nicky Brzeska (Raglan Arts Weekend Co-ordinator)

0204 136 2027

[email protected]


Jacqueline Anderson (Arts Centre Manager)

07 825 0023

[email protected]


Jane Galloway (Artist)

021 0293 4199

[email protected]


Maureen Soanes (Sponsor/Retailer/ Gallery representative)

0274 404 009

[email protected]