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Raglan Arts Weekend 2019

Raglan Arts Weekend is Easter 2019: Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd April

Frequently Asked Questions about The Preview Exhibition

Why is the Old School hosting an Exhibition of participating artists?

A Preview Exhibition running for 4 weeks prior acts as an excellent marketing medium for the event as a whole and for each individual artist. It will also act as the hub for the Open Studio Weekend itself, where visitors can view and purchase the selected pieces and decide whom they would like to visit.

There are two components to the exhibition 1) 300×300   2) main piece by each artist (both artworks supplied will showcase each artist)

What sort of piece do I need to create for the 300 x 300 Exhibition?

The 300 x 300 exhibition is a showcase for artists to have fun and get creative. However, there are certain criteria that need to be met for all donated 300 x 300 artworks:

  • Size: 2 dimensional works are to be 300 x 300 mm (no smaller please); 3 dimensional pieces should fit within a 300 mm cube (approximately).
  • Value: This is a donated piece of work, which will have a price tag of $200. It will be displayed alongside your larger piece (for which the Old School receives 25% commission if sold). All money raised helps fund the Arts Weekend. Unsold pieces will remain at the Old School until sold.
  • Quality: For $200, your artwork should be of a high standard as the size is small. This piece represents your work to potential studio visitors. Please take the time to make an artwork you are proud to display.
  • Ready to Display: Work must be ready to hang or display on a plinth. No wet paintings please. If your work is not accepted due to poor quality, an extra fee may apply. Some artists have taken many hours to produce their pieces. Time is not necessarily a factor in producing a desirable artwork, but due care is expected.
  • Questions? Please approach an artist who has taken part in the Arts Weekend before if you want more details on how this part of the RAW exhibition works. Contact details are at the end of this document.


How will the 300 x 300 Exhibition be run?

Each artist will donate a piece of artwork ready to hang or display on a plinth. All pieces will be for sale at $200 inc. GST. All proceeds from sales of the 300 x 300 exhibition will go to the Raglan Arts Weekend budget for future development of the next Raglan Arts Weekend and Raglan Arts Guide. Any pieces remaining unsold at the end of the Arts Exhibition on April 22nd 2019 remain the property of the Old School Arts Centre for the Raglan Arts Weekend.

Will you charge any commission on the main Exhibition sales?

The Old School fee is a 25% commission on any sales of artwork in the main Arts Weekend Exhibition. All artists must be registered OSAC members.

What sort of artwork should I submit for the Exhibition?

It can be anything you like, but it must be a recent piece that has not been exhibited before – and one that is representative of the style and quality of your work. It is a way for visitors to decide if they would like to see more at your studio! It may be a good idea to have a reserve/ back-up artwork in mind should your artwork be sold early on. This is because we would still want further visitors to see an example of your art in the Exhibition as many choose who they are visiting based on this. Plus of course, this is good exposure for you. Please note the size restriction below.

Is it ok to enter a limited edition piece?

Yes – as long as it is recent and is a good reflection of your work

Are there any size limits for the Exhibition?

Yes. Your piece must be a maximum of 1m x 1m. This is not a square metre area, ie: an artwork which is 1.5m x 500cm will not be accepted. This size restriction is based directly on artist feedback from previous years regarding the amount of work to be displayed in the Old School Art Centre Exhibition room.

We need to be able to display two artworks for each artist (300×300 + another artwork no bigger than 1m x 1m) and we’d like the artworks to have as much space as possible to ‘breathe’. We ask that you please consider other artists in the development of your pieces. If you are not able to produce an artwork to fit within the required dimension of 1m x 1m, please can you contact us no later than 31 January 2019 to discuss.

If it is a sculpture, do I need to provide a plinth?

Not unless you feel it is a necessary part of the display. We have a range of plinths for the display of artwork or will contact you if we do not think we have a suitable option

How should I price my artwork?

This should be set at a similar price to what you will be selling similar pieces for at your Open Studio over the Arts Weekend – we are charging a 25% commission. Please do not undercut the price of the exhibition piece with similar work at your studio. If you are a galleried artist, it is advisable not to undercut gallery prices by too much either, unless you have discussed this with your representative gallery.

How safe will my artwork be? And is it insured while it’s at the Old School in the Exhibition?

The Old School Arts Centre has security systems and procedures in place. In line with standard gallery practice, you should arrange your own insurance cover for your own artwork if you require it.

What else do I need to provide to you before the Exhibition?

Supply a recent photo of yourself and an artist’s bio by email when registering – by 30th October 2019. If you have limited access to a computer, please contact us so we can help you. This information goes into a booklet, which exhibition visitors can read if they want to know more about you.

When do I drop off my artwork to The Old School?

Main drop-off period is Monday – Friday, 10am to 2pm, from March 4th 2019 until March 15th.

How should the artwork be packaged when I drop it off for the Exhibition?

Each piece should be ready for display or hanging – so hooks and cord on wall hangings please! When you register, we will send you full details of what to include – namely your name, art medium, artwork title and description and price.  Please also ensure it is well packaged, as this will be needed for when it sells.

When will artists find out if their artwork has sold or not?

All artists will be notified of sales of their artwork when they’re sold and paid for. Artworks will remain on display until the end of the Arts Weekend but if someone is travelling and unable to pick up their purchase at a later time you may be asked to provide a replacement piece.

When do artists need to pick up unsold work?

All unsold Exhibition pieces will need to be collected from the Old School within the first week of May. 

When and how will artists be paid for sold pieces?

All payments for exhibition sales will be made to the Old School Arts Centre. After the 25% commission is deducted the final amount will be paid to the artist by direct credit, as soon as possible. 

Can artists volunteer?

Yes please! The more artists volunteer = less admin hours required by the Old School Arts Centre = more $$ for the future continuation of the Raglan Arts Weekend.  Please contact us to find out how you can help. 

How much time is requested from each individual artist for operating the Exhibition?

It is likely to be a maximum of 2.5 hours per artist, probably less, during the weekends between 22nd  March 2019 and the weekend ending 14th April (4 weekends). Paid help will cover open Studio Weekend days of April 20th, 21st and 22nd.

I still have questions!

Please feel free to contact Nicky, the RAW co-ordinator, or any of the other key members below.

Nicky Brzeska (Raglan Arts Weekend Co-ordinator)

0204 136 2027

[email protected]


Jacqueline Anderson (Arts Centre Manager)

07 825 0023

[email protected]


Jane Galloway (Artist)

021 0293 4199

[email protected]


Maureen Soanes (Sponsor/Retailer/ Gallery representative)

0274 404 009

[email protected]