We’re so sorry, but the registration for the Raglan Arts Weekend 2021 has now closed. We’ve had an incredible response and we reached our max quota of artists in less than a week. This year, we have increased our quota to 42 artists, making this our largest RAW yet, but we have to stop there as – being a not-for-profit – we’re very restricted by costs. We’re sorry you never made it in time. Please send[email protected] an email in case of any cancellations.
Welcome to the Raglan Arts Weekend for 2021!

The Raglan Arts Weekend 2021 will be held over Labour Day Weekend:

  • Saturday 23rd October
  • Sunday 24th October
  • Monday 25th October (optional)

Your studio must remain open to the public and manned from 10am until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can choose whether to open or not on Monday. (This is different to previous years where you could choose to close at 3pm). 

Your listing in the Raglan Arts Guide 2021 will indicate whether you are open or closed on Monday 25th October.

Please note the following 5 points:

1. You will not be able to complete registration without submitting payment and your supporting documents with this registration form.

2. There are no options to do this in person. There are no options to submit this at a later date. You must submit this now online.

3. Please make sure you have read our RAW FAQ and Preview Exhibition FAQ before committing.

4. Early Bird Registration ($179) is until 20 April 2021. Standard Registration ($199) closes on 10 May 2021 or as soon as our max quota (42 artists) is reached. There is a credit/debit card booking fee of $5.

5. You will need: (i) any major credit card or Visa or Mastercard debit card (ii) your biography (iii) at least 1 photograph of your artwork (and up to 3) (iv) at least 1 photograph of you.