Toni Kingstone - in studio


“My work is inspired by nature-I create peaceful artworks that the viewer can connect with on an emotional level, a subtle memory of a time or place that holds special significance for them.”

Toni’s circular ‘Horizon’ series explores the complexities of colour blending and layering, using pouring mediums and specifically altered acrylic paints to create abstract seascapes and landscapes. Toni has developed her technique over time, learning to control the medium to achieve the desired image through a combination of intuitive action painting, palette knife and brush work. Metallic colours often feature lending the illusion of sunlight on sand and water, then each painting is finished with resin giving depth to the finished work and releasing the vibrancy of the reflective pigments. Essentially abstract, the viewer may see Toni’s original idea but can also interpret their own mind’s unique creation.

Toni also includes native birds and women in her works, inspired by ancient myths and the legends of a specific place, as well as working on a symbolic series exploring social and environmental issues. She creates using acrylics, charcoal, resin, collage and mixed media.