Tessa Skerman - profile


Tessa is an abstract mixed media artist based in Te Mata, Raglan.

In recent years she has been exploring the idea of ‘paint, slice and re-create’. It is a concept that came to her a few years ago where she just wanted to ‘get deep’ into the painting. So she tried something original and painted three separate paintings (with differing views/depths), sliced them up on her husbands’ bench saw into what she calls ‘slats’, and then rearranged them into a completely new composition. With the idea of depth and linking lines in mind, she pieces the slats together, and then completes the work by painting into it even further. She has completed a variety of tree and flora paintings in this manner using a vertical lay out. Recently she has started placing the ‘slats’ into horizontal layouts using the ocean as her inspiration.0

Tessa also draws inspiration from her rural bush environment, her travels abroad and various artists that she admires to create bold and colourful canvas paintings. She mixes media and incorporates maps and passport pages into the work, which result in recognizable yet abstract piece