Dyana Wells completed the Diploma of Creativity with the Learning Connection in Wellington last year. She has also taken courses at the Waikato Society of Arts and exhibits regularly with RaglanArt.

She is currently exploring how contrast, colour and shape create interest and meaning. Art is a co-creation and requires a subtle mix of spontaneity and evaluation. She is learning to listen to her work and let herself be guided by a meaning that might emerge.

She has explored many different mediums. She uses acrylic painting to develop the elements of picture making. It is so immediate and loud. One of her favourite mediums is encaustic. There is an unpredictable alchemy at work in the messy wax blending and oozing: its waywardness is both inspiring and crushing. Isnt life the same. She finds the sticky brilliance of printmaking and collage totally enthralling. It reminds her of when she was a young girl cutting, pasting, constructing and mucking about to her heart’s content. Her challenge now is to keep that happy child alive, but to refine its expression and meaning.