Sarah Bing at work in her studio

Sarah Bing at work in her studio

Raglan ceramic artist Sarah Bing is back for her second time at Raglan Arts Weekend in Easter, 2019. We asked her a few questions about art, the weekend and living in Raglan.

 How would you describe your work? Expressive and impulsive, with more than a small dose of anal retentiveness thrown in.

When inspiration hits how do you channel that into your work?
I usually do a quick sketch and/or write a line that relates to what I’d like to do.

What inspires you generally? Other artists and their work, colour, interior design, music and poetry.

Where did you get the inspiration from for this particular piece? Reading a book about modernism in landscape design

Tell us about artists you admire? Del Kathryn Bartons extreme profusion of profuseness, the colour, richness and detail of her imagined worlds and creatures. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s immediacy and fervour. En Iwamura’s ceramic works, huge, masterfully made and full of whimsy. David Hockney’s saturated colour.

Work by Sarah Bing

What are you working on at the moment? Larger ceramic sculptures – assessing how to make my ideas into a reality, and create engaging surprising works on a bigger scale.

Tell us something you like about living in Raglan. Beautiful Raglan! The close proximity to nature and its varying, often hostile moods.

Where can we see your work? In my home studio, although I will be taking on stockists in 2019!

What do you like about the Arts Weekend? It’s a great opportunity to engage with people in a different, more relaxed way and to get instant feedback about new work and ideas.

What do you think about the move to Easter? I think it’s a great idea! Now we can have homemade hot cross buns and some sort of chocolatey cocktail over the weekend!

Would you recommend the weekend to other artists? It’s such a good way to meet buyers and engage with people in a different way. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get work sold!

How was last year for you? Hot! But enjoyable. It was my first year and I loved getting to meet people and have longer chats about my work!

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